Top 5 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Produced naturally by prostate glands, testosterone is one of the critical and essential hormones in a man’s body. Although produced in abundance in the initial stages of life, most men record a sharp decline in testosterone levels once over the age of 28. Diminishing testosterone levels in the body can result in a myriad of health conditions including erectile dysfunction, weight gain, depression, diminished muscle mass and strength, premature ejaculation, and reduced sex drive. Switching to a positive lifestyle, putting on regular exercise, and consuming testosterone boosting foods does help elevate testosterone levels naturally.

Foods rich in B vitamins, zinc, and essential oils are mostly recommended to help boost testosterone levels. Outlined below are some of the best testosterone boosting foods.

  1. Lean Red Meat

Lean red meat is an excellent source of nitric oxides, zinc, iron, and high-quality proteins. Zinc is one of the key ingredients needed for improved testosterone production. Adding small chunks of red meat to your daily meal plan can therefore help restore normal testosterone production.  You however should avoid fatty beef, as the saturated fats could have adverse effects on your libido. 

  1. Avocado and Bananas

Avocados are a powerhouse for many essential nutrients needed to promote good health. A slice of avocado is rich in B vitamins, bromelain enzymes, potassium, and essential oils. The avocado flesh is also rich in folic acid; another critical compound needed for healthy hormone secretion. Bananas too are a rich source of potassium.  Making an avocado and banana salad can therefore help improve your sex drive and energy by boosting blood testosterone levels.

  1. Raw Oysters

Raw oysters have been used to treat libido problems for centuries. These creatures are excellent sources of high-quality zinc and omega fatty acids. Having an oyster treat at least three times in a week is enough to supplement your body’s zinc requirement. In addition to raising testosterone levels, consuming raw oysters, does help improve your performance in bed, last long, as well as boost your sperm count. You can also have oysters if trying to get a baby.

  1. Egg Yolk

Eggs are considered the cheapest source of high-quality protein. They also pack good amounts of Vitamin D, another vital nutrient needed for improved testosterone production. Cholesterol in egg yolk is also believed to boost a man’s libido, hence important too.

  1. Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds are a potent source of vitamins, omega fatty acids, and zinc. The three compounds are vital for the production of testosterone among other essential hormones. Instead of tossing those seeds into the dustbin, wash them then roast them over a pan to take advantage of the bountiful benefits. You could also order a fresh supply of pumpkin seeds from food stores.

You might also want to consider taking testosterone boosters. These are supplements that will help you increase your testosterone production without changing your lifestyle. You can find out more about them at Be sure to check out the full reviews which should help you pick the right product.

Proper nutrition is essential for improved blood T levels. Ditching fast and factory manufactured foods for whole foods can help restore healthy blood T levels, and also help keep your weight in check.  Regular body exercise and plenty of rest are also vital for faster recovery. If possible, get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Learning to manage stress and depression can also help restore your usual self.